Adrian Easdown on Everyone has a Story, Tips for Success & How to Effectively Scale Your Business. Feedback as a business growth tool.

79. Adrian Easdown on Everyone has a Story, Tips for Success & How to Effectively Scale Your Business.

Michael Vincent is the host of The Seachange Business Podcast. Through his podcast, Michael seeks to understand the back story behind what makes business owners successful.

This week’s episode of ‘That Bad Review’ Podcast is done a bit differently. Instead of asking the questions, Adrian is interviewed by Michael. By sharing Adrian’s own experiences with podcast listeners, Michael and Adrian hope to help others navigate the often difficult and overwhelming situations that come hand in hand with owning a business.

Adrian and Michael have a great chat about Adrian’s back story and how he got into the accommodation industry. They discuss tips for starting a new business and how to succeed in the business world. Valuable insights into the importance of feedback and empowering staff are offered during the interview. They also talk about the need to remove oneself from daily operations, in order to successfully scale a business.

If you’re a business owner or looking to start your own business, if you manage or operate any kind of service-based enterprise, this is one episode you won’t want to miss.

In this episode, Michael and Adrian also discuss:

  • The benefits of getting out of your comfort zone
  • How to not take feedback personally and use it to grow your business
  • The difference between Aussie and English pubs
  • My career before starting in the accommodation industry
  • Camping as a disconnect from devices and a reconnect with relationships
  • The loss of productivity through social media and staff disengagement
  • Key metrics to determine success
  • The importance of guest satisfaction
  • Showing empathy and understanding others perspective
  • How to get buy-in from locals when starting a business in a new town
  • The benefits of mentorships and role models
  • The importance in trusting gut instincts
  • The benefits of understanding firsthand the roles and responsibilities of your team
  • Practical tips to consider when starting a new business
  • The importance of having short, mid and long-term plans
  • Book keepers vs accountants and the importance of both
  • What I like to do in my downtime
  • What the future holds

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