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The Perfect Companion to Adrian’s That Bad Review Podcast – a handbook that delves deep into his processes and methodologies in creating a winning business.

Adrian loves bad reviews. In fact, he loves them so much he wrote a book about just how amazing they can be for any business. ‘That Bad Review’ book takes readers through Adrian’s award-winning business strategies where he shares the warts and all journey that allowed him to be the success he is today.

A Handbook for Modern Businesses

Adrian realised early on that bad reviews were free assessments of his business, locked in the poorly written sentences he saw diamonds. Through Adrian’s book, business owners will learn to look at themselves first, to find out exactly why they are avoiding negative criticisms of their business.

With Adrian leading the way, you will learn how to see your guests as more than just bad reviews in waiting. He will show you how to spot their motivations and then leverage theses to formulate responses that go to the heart of the guests concerns.

A Step by Step Philosophy

Dealing with the fallout from a bad review is only part of the story, Adrian outlines practical and easily adopted methods that will set businesses up to tackle bad reviews before they even happen. Using ‘That Bad Review’ as a guide, Adrian shows how to embrace technology and social media to navigate through the modern world of hospitality and tourism.

Adrian also shares his methodology for customer experience that creates a loyal group of guests that will return again and again and shares his simple yet highly effective formula for building the best team that will allow any business to thrive.

‘That Bad Review’ is written for the hospitality and tourism industry by someone who walks the walk and talks the talk every day. There is no one better positioned to help businesses owners turn 1-star reviews into a 5-star business with ‘That Bad Review’ the book.

Purchase That Bad Review from Amazon

Purchase That Bad Review from Amazon