Bart Easdown on Working with Family, Social Media Diluting the Human Connection & Understanding Employees

95. Bart Easdown on Working with Family, Social Media Diluting the Human Connection & Understanding Employees

This week on the show, Adrian chats with a very special guest, Bart Easdown. Bart is the Operations Manager for all four of Adrian’s holiday parks and the youngest of his brothers. A musician at heart, Bart has felt an underlying pull towards hospitality and tourism-based roles. For the good part of a decade, Bart has tried his hand at various roles while employed by Adrian, building many valuable skills along the way.

On this week’s episode of the ‘That Bad Review Podcast’, Adrian and Bart chat about the pros and cons of working with family. In particular around expectations, often higher than those expected of regular employees. They discuss the generational change evident in the workforce today and reminisce over changes that have come into play since their childhood. The brothers talk about the effect social media is having on human interactions. Bart provides some insights into the importance of truly understanding employees. They cap their chat off with a few personal experiences around how employees in the industry have the potential to make or break a guest’s holiday.

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Also discussed with Bart Easdown in this week’s podcast episode:

  • Building resilience
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Generational shifts within the workforce
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Tips for personalising guest experiences
  • Finding happiness in what you do
  • The benefit of understanding health and wellness at an early age

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