Insights for Success with Nick Ellis, Mateship & Comradery with Laura Cocking & Turning Detractors into Promoters with Timo Lorenzen

Insights for Success with Nick Ellis, Mateship & Comradery with Laura Cocking & Turning Detractors into Promoters with Timo Lorenzen

This week we take a look at the highlights from conversations I have had with a fantastic mix of podcast guests. We revisit the valuable insights for success offered by Nick Ellis, the General Manager of Ovolo Inchcolm. Some great information is extracted from my chat with Laura Cocking, the Business & Park Development Manager at Top Parks, including our discussion around the comradery within the caravan and camping industry. We wrap up the highlights reel with advice from Timo Lorenzen, the Hotel Manager at Veriu Group. Timo shares the challenges he has overcome in the hospitality industry and some fantastic tips for turning detractors into promoters.

Insights for Success with Nick Ellis

Nick shares some great insights into his success, which he partly attributes to finding his passion early in life. We discuss how hard it can be for young people to access reliable career advice and the value of work experience as a discovery channel. Nick highlights the importance of taking the time to build real connections with people. And explains how surrounding himself with like-minded people has not only led to Nick’s own self-development but has enabled him to provide others with an environment in which they can flourish.

During our conversation around the traits of people who work in the tourism and hospitality industry, I suggest to Nick, ‘If you can’t get a buzz off being able to interact with people who are on holidays, who are travelling and have all of these fantastic stories then you’re probably in the wrong industry. ’ I’m not surprised when Nick wholeheartedly agrees.

Mateship & Comradery with Laura Cocking

Laura is another inspiring leader who found her passion for the industry very early on in life. Our discussion touches on mateship within the industry. We explore comradery between guests, not just family and friends travelling together but the bonds built between perfect strangers.  We have a great chat around reviews and why even a short response is always going to be better than no response. Laura also provides listeners with some fantastic advice around making mistakes.

Turning Detractors into Promoters with Timo Lorenzen

Despite learning English at school in Germany, Timo Lorenzen struggled with the language when he first arrived in Australia. Timo explains how he began his hospitality career as a barista with no formal industry training, and how he managed to achieve career success despite these setbacks. Timo also shares some great examples of how truly listening to people is the key to turning disgruntled guests into happy, repeat customers.

Also, in this week’s podcast

In this week’s highlights episode, the following topics are discussed:

  • The hidden talents staff may be harbouring
  • Building real connections with people
  • Learning to never to judge a book by its cover
  • Adrian’s work experience and lack of reliable career advice while at high school
  • Basic skill set required to work in hospitality
  • Tips for staying motivated in stressful careers
  • Setting up camp verse packing up
  • The power hospitality staff have to spread happiness
  • The little things that mean so much
  • How a drink voucher won a guest for life
  • Exceeding guest expectations
  • Empathising with guests
  • The importance of notes in client files

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