Attracting New Target Markets, Empowering Staff to Make Confident Decisions & the Benefits of the Award Process with Jess Dineen (Ep.72)
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108. Revisiting: Attracting New Target Markets, Empowering Staff to Make Confident Decisions & the Benefits of the Award Process (Ep.72)

Jess Dineen is the multi-award-winning Operations Manager at Dineen Tourism Management and aadvocate for establishing a balance between work and play.

On this week’s episode of ‘That Bad Review’ podcast series, we revisit Adrian’s chat with Jess about how to best prepare staff, so they can confidently make decisions in the absence of direct management. Jess shares her views on the importance of recharging to ensure productivity within the workplace.  The duo also talk about the benefits of the award process, win or lose. Adrian and Jess wrap up the episode with a discussion around attracting new target markets to a business. 

Over the next few Mondays, join Adrian Easdown as revisits episodes that highlight important information gathered from inspirational leaders. The episodes have been selected in hope of helping business owners navigate the uncertain times we are facing.

Also, in this episode Jess and Adrian discuss: 

  • The importance of vulnerability
  • Tips to switching off when on holidays
  • Using mistakes as learning opportunities
  • New generation of staff embracing change 
  • Methods to help staff make confident business decisions
  • The challenges faced when working and living with family 
  • Mental health and the importance of taking time out when needed
  • Innovative ways to document and share holiday experiences and memorabilia 
  • The shift in acknowledging anxiety and depression instead of ignoring signs and symptoms 
  • Saying yes to opportunities – weighing up worst-case scenarios against the possible benefits 



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