7. Feedback, Perspective and Going Viral with James Henderson

In this week’s episode of That Bad Review, I’m talking to hospitality superstar James Henderson. James has had an incredible career that spans technology, economy, hospitality and podcasting. He founded a tech company in 2014 that capitalised on nightlife and social media, and the went on to create a Facebook group that brings together thought leaders across multiple industries. Not only that, he’s also launched his own podcast on the hospitality industry and started a festival.

Our chat covers a wide range of topics from tall poppy syndrome and having a fair go, to the way you can bounce back from failure and how you can use awards to grow yourself and your business. James shares with me how his mental health journey has taught him how to be self-aware and the inside secrets to online success.

Take a listen to hear all of the above, plus much more…

  • How visiting 83 bars in three weeks led James to creating his own podcast
  • The path James took to start his social media app
  • Why putting yourself out there is important
  • How James can change his mental approach to situations at will
  • The way to navigate through difficult situations rationally
  • James’ childhood memories of caravan parks and his hatred of cockroaches
  • How accommodation business owners can impact people’s perceptions for decades
  • How an event on Facebook grew to a community of 250,000 people
  • The way that social media can take your ideas forward in leaps and bounds
  • The way that macro trends influence businesses and corporations


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