42. Andrew Kennedy on Video Production, Keeping up With Technology and Sharing Stories Around a Campfire

If you work in the hospitality industry, you know how beneficial it can be to hear about other people’s success stories.

Each Monday, join Adrian Easdown as he has enlightening chats with successful folks in the hospitality industry around Australia. If you’re involved in anyway way with caravanning, running a restaurant or working with any other sort of hospitality-based business, this podcast is perfect for you.

On today’s episode of That Bad Review I chat with Andrew Kennedy. With over 40 years working in video & television production and has worked in various roles in the industry. From shooting jewellery, fashion, medical procedures and interviews, to editing a 4WD programme in the middle of the Simpson Desert or producing and directing commercials.

Andrew is also the host of Australia On Track podcast and regularly writes on the website of the same name, which focuses on building an Australian centric 4WD, Caravan, Camping and Off-Road community aiming to get Australia on-track.

Andrew shares with us his history with working in a Television studio, incredible stories of travel around Australia from people he has met, the passion he has for a camping life and the incredible ways technology can enhance – and hinder – industries (and travellers) today as well as why it’s important to do your research beyond reviews and seeking out real experts.

We also have a good chat about:

  • Why you should stay in school
  • How he got into community radio
  • So called social media experts
  • Changes in the industry throughout his career
  • Keeping up with today’s technology
  • Working with your passions
  • The struggle of freelance work and how to be successful
  • Why it’s important to work with licensed experts especially when it comes to drones
  • The start of On Track and how roles are divided with his co-founder
  • The incredible people he has met doing his own podcast
  • The importance of bad reviews and what business can learn



Andrew Kennedy – LinkedIn
Andrew Kennedy Productions – website
Australia On Track – website
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