How to Stay Motivated to Keep Doing What You Love

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this, you love your job.

Maybe you’re not loving it right now, and that’s why you’re online reading blog posts. But if you’re in the accommodation industry and you care enough about your career to do some research on how to make it more fulfilling, I’d say that you’ve got a soft spot for your work.

For those of us that love our work, a brutal but important lesson in life is that we’re not always going to love it. There are days that we wake up and think, ‘Why didn’t I get that art degree?’ The difference between us and those that drag themselves through the workday, however, is that we are consistently more happy with our work and excited for what the future brings.

But that feeling doesn’t come naturally. In fact, it’s something you need to cultivate.

Our latest guest on That Bad Review is Linda Tillman, founder of rEVENTS Academy and managing director of Tilma Group. Linda has made an impressive career out of helping developing regional tourism and events throughout Australia.

Linda definitely loves her work. She’s on the road most of the year and has enough energy to visit those in the tourism industry in big cities and rural towns alike.

How does she keep that motivation to always stay on the move? She asks herself this: “How do I find that timeout so I can continue to do what I love doing?”

Taking breaks and timeouts is a fundamental part of any entrepreneur’s schedule. I know how addicting work can be when you run your own business — there are no defined work hours and you’re always thinking about what you could or should be doing.

But living like this inevitably leads to burnout. Your brain and body can only take so much abuse, and eventually, they’ll revolt and keep you glued to your bed watching Netflix every day when you get home from work.

Exercise. I’m sure you work long hours, but Linda and I both agree that exercise is so crucial to keeping yourself sane. It’s not natural to be sitting on a chair most of the day or even just ferrying yourself around your property. You need to make sure you’re taking time to run, lift weights, play a sport or anything else that is both physically exhausting and not related to work. It’s a great way to reset and have that quality ‘me’ time.

You also need to recognise when you’re getting overloaded and stop.

You know the feeling: your brain is less alert, you’re feeling sluggish. When that happens, ask yourself: have I had a holiday recently? When’s the last time I just relaxed with my loved ones and did something refreshing like go for a walk outside or take the dog to the park?

If you’ve got any ways that you rewind or relax from work overload, let me know. And be sure to check out the latest episode [link] of That Bad Review for more great insights from Linda Tillman!

Listen to my entire conversation with Linda here.