Finding ways to Deliver a Top-Quality Service

Understanding your target demographic is one of the most crucial things you can do as a business owner. Without knowing that target, your business is going to be as effective as trying to catch fish in the desert. Once you know who your ideal client is, giving them the same uniform level of service is what will separate you out from your competitors.

I have a few ways that I ensure my team and I always deliver above and beyond for our clients.

One of these is recognising that everyone should go through the same process, whether that is a check-in process at an accommodation business or a security checkpoint. It doesn’t matter if someone is a direct descendant of the Queen and is moving through security checkpoints at Royal Ascot, or a teenager heading through to see a Lady Gaga concert. The security process that I managed for the O2 Arena and Royal Ascot meant that the same checks were needed to ensure the safety of VIPs, team members and your everyday punter. This delivered on our ability to secure the locations and heavily mitigated the risks that were associated with each venue.

Another key way that I’ve learned to deliver an excellent experience is on something that clients are aware of, despite it not being something they will necessarily comment on directly: The uniform appearance of team members. I learned working at Wimbledon and Royal Ascot the benefit of ensuring that all team members looked and presented themselves in uniform at all times. This made identifying them in large crowds easy for both their own team members and also the clients we had at the venues. You’d be surprised how much of a positive impression this makes on clients, and how professional your business appears when taking on board these elements.

High-quality customer service is a fundamental element to repeated business. Making sure you deliver above and beyond, and making it easy for your team to do this, will ensure you have a winning formula in the mix for your business.