The Benefits of Having A Travel Agent Book Your Next Vacation

Before diving into the chasm of online holiday booking sites, it might be worth your while considering a travel agent. These guys have the inside scoop and are your best bet for constructing a stress-free, money saving, tailor-made holiday just the way you want it.

On the latest episode of That Bad Review, I spoke to Allen Suss. Allen is a vacation veteran, with 40 years’ experience in the travel agency industry. His company, Travel Managers Australia, is intent on bringing his clients the best global experiences through worry-free travel.

Allen has a lot to say when it comes to booking your travel through a travel agent. In this article, I go through a few of his insightful key points on why you should consider visiting a travel agent.

Customized Experiences and Convenience

Allen takes great pride in creating personalized holidays for his clients. Constructing a tailor-made holiday is based around your needs, so anticipating what will constitute as a good holiday for you takes experience and insider knowledge. Often times, an agent is able to get you great savings on your vacation packages, which is in stark contrast to what many think about agency holidays.

There can be a lot of stress around arranging your own travel too, so having someone who takes care of every aspect of your trip can be a huge relief. With flights, hotels and on land travel arrangements sorted for you, all you have to do is go for the ride.  


You’ve frantically rushed your way to the airport with your luggage in tow, and passport in hand, only to find out your flight has been cancelled.

Changes happen, and the unforeseen is something that Allen is great at tackling.  He prides himself on his customer care and is available 24/7 for his clients – a luxury that you won’t receive if you book solely online.

He will be in the background booking you onto another flight, while you are relaxing in the lobby, becoming further acquainted with your holiday read.  

By having a reliable travel agent on hand, you are able to quickly get the support you need in order to find solutions and rectify problems should they arise.


Allen is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to travel. He takes it upon himself to attend functions and utilize networks all in order to deliver the most up to date and accurate information to his clients. He’s even started a travel podcast and manages a Facebook group that has amassed over 500 travel agency members. Here there are experts on cruises, hotels and touring, all contributing in the discussion.

Another level to his expertise is that Allen has been travelling the globe for most of his life, from riding a scooter from London to Tel Aviv to sitting back and people watching in a town square somewhere in Europe. He is not unique in this respect, as a vast majority of travel agents have a travelling repertoire, so you know the advice their imparting is supported by first-hand experiences.

There is so much value in having a travel agent at your side, so take Allen’s advice and look into visiting one before your next holiday.

Listen to my entire conversation with Allen here.