Taking Advantage of Automated Systems to Improve Business Functionality

There are so many things we could be implementing to create a more streamline and user friendly industry – not only for us, but for our customers too. On a recent episode of That Bad Review, I spoke with Shaye Illich, the business development manager at NewBook. She is an advocate for prosperity who sees the potential in the newer, up and coming innovations that some of us really should be engaging with but are too apprehensive to apply.

Integrate Automation and Reservation Systems

Automated systems are an understated benefit to the way we work.  Shaye explains that her previous experience as a hotel desk clerk was often hindered by primitive systems. Night shifts would be a reservation nightmare, with customer bookings going missing upon their arrival. She’d have to begin the arduous task of retrieving their information through the back end and manually entering the booking while the guest was waiting.

Now, we have advanced modern property management systems (PMS), that weren’t available 10 years ago. Shaye embraces these systems as an industry software priority.

Communicate With Customers Via Text

Interacting with customers has changed, as the telephone call has officially been replaced with texting. While this may seem antisocial, it’s actually better for customer relations, as people respond much quicker than if you emailed or called.  

I think we can all agree many of us are commonly time poor, and having the relevant booking information in writing, saved on your phone and easily accessible can be a life saver.

Artificial Intelligence Within Hospitality

I wanted to get Shaye’s opinion on what she sees as the biggest changes we’ll witness in the future, and her answer was unequivocally AI. Yes, artificial intelligence could end up replacing certain jobs and roles, but the technology and software coming into play will revolutionise the way we are currently working. While some may fear that we could end up in an Arnold Schwarzenegger-Terminator type scenario, rest assured that’s not on the cards, especially within the hospitality trade.

Take NewBook’s new multilingual chatbot as an example of modern day AI – it’s an application for websites catered towards an international audience. It’s formulated to take bookings 24/7, something Shaye sees as a no cost, extra member of staff.

These types of systems take away that extra bit of work from your lap. You can effectively retain accurate customer information with no extra effort, while focusing your attention somewhere else.  

NewBook’s Tourism Innovation Conference

The fast approaching NewBook Tourism Innovation Conference in June, 2019, is a spectacularly unique, three day gathering for hospitality and accommodation industry traders. It’s a place to learn, network, listen to industry leaders and get a better understanding of how to grow your business effectively. Shaye explains that admittedly, NewBook’s interest is in generating a buzz around their own brand, but the primary goal is to further develop industry professionals so they can fulfill their full potential.  

These types of conferences are excellent ways of gaining an insight into what is happening within the industry today.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to innovation and technology and incorporating it within your business, but staying abreast of what’s on offer will help you to make better development choices as the industry modernises.  

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