17. Stuart Lamont on the Beauty of Caravaning and Why Empathy is the Key to Customer Relations

In today’s tech-addled world, taking a caravan out into the Australian country can be one of the best ways to disconnect yourself from modern life. When you don’t see other humans for days while driving, it provides a cathartic sense of relief from the constant stimulation we experience.

Stuart Lamont, CEO of the Caravan Industry Association, promotes caravaning as a way of life in Australia. On the latest episode of That Bad Review, Stuart and I chat about how the caravan industry is booming in Australia and how anybody, no matter what age or background, could benefit from a trip through the outback. Stuart is also an incredibly wise business owner, and we talk about how positivity and understanding in customer relations goes a long way.

We also cover the following:

  • The benefit of raising children out in the country
  • How to prepare yourself for speaking activities
  • Why Australia’s caravan business is booming
  • Why you shouldn’t ignore negative reviews
  • The power of communication in customer relations
  • How a simple smile makes all the difference
  • Why empathy is the key for working through bad customer feedback
  • How to stay motivated in your industry



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