Kate Mitchell talks about Personal Transformation on That Bad Review Podcast

Personal Transformation, Operating at a High Frequency and Questioning Social Norms

Kate Mitchell, ex-holiday park manager, is the co-owner of City Centre Motor Inn Armidale. Kate is constantly on the lookout for innovative tourism ventures and progressive self-development opportunities. In particular activities that will help Kate advance through to her own personal transformation.  One such opportunity recently presented itself, which involved Kate setting off on a trans pacific adventure. I was lucky enough to catch up with Kate on her arrival back in Australia. Among other topics, we chat about her transformational journey, the importance of positive thinking and discovering one’s best self.

Personal Transformation

After returning home from a week long self-discovery retreat in Peru, my guest on this week’s podcast Kate Mitchell, talks about her life changing, transformational experience. Kate explains that the purpose of the retreat was to start with a self-defined intent. During the retreat participants are encouraged to identify fears associated with their intent. They are taught tools and processes designed to remove these fears and replace them with positive feelings. One example Kate describes involves traditional medicine and ceremonial rituals. Kates shares with listeners the events that led her to the retreat and benefits received from participation.

Operating at a High Frequency

Kate explains during our chat she would like to focus on surrounding herself with amazing and inspiring people. She also would like to disconnect from people who are taking away from her positivity. Kate explains that people who are joyous, compassionate and positive operate at a high frequency. Those who are fearful, angry and negative operate at a low frequency.  Kate encourages listeners to explore outcomes that occur when you surround yourself with people who operate on a high frequency. And to be aware of outcomes that occur around those who operate on a lower frequency. Kate offers listeners a technique taught to her on the retreat that involves self-reflection through a hypothetical mirror. The technique is used to understand self-validation processes humans themselves through, and to how to ensure the process has a positive outcome.

Questioning Social Norms

Towards the end of our chat Kate offers some sound advice to a younger version of herself. If given the chance, she would encourage the practice of self-love and self-worth. Kate also encourages parents of today’s generation to nurture their kids and help them reach a position of self-love.  Kate acknowledges that while it’s easy to provide advice to a younger generation, it’s best if children can validate the advice for themselves. Suggesting that all children should be willing to respectfully question authority in an attempt to discover what’s in their own best interest. Kate explains this can be done by listening quietly and carefully, digesting the information and using it in a way that best benefits their needs.  Kate wraps up our chat with advice to listeners on how to know if something is really right for them or not, sharing this with us in the closing minutes of the podcast.

Also in this week’s podcast

In this episode of the ‘That Bad Review’ podcast Kate and I also discuss:

  • Positive mindsets
  • Intention setting
  • Listening to your body
  • Benefits of meditation and yoga
  • Western Medicine as a Band-Aid for sickness and disease

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