65. Paul Bambei – CEO of ARVC on The Pros and Cons of Emotional Decision Making, the Growth of a Recession Proof Industry & Attracting Diverse Minority Groups

Paul Bambei is the President and CEO of the Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC), based in Denver, Colorado.  Adrian was fortunate enough to catch up with Paul at the Tourism Innovators Conference held at the Gold Coast in June 2019 and chat with him about the parallels and differences between the Australian and American markets.

In this week’s episode, Adrian and Paul chat about finding the balance between revenue growth and building authentic connections with guests through emotional decision making. They also discuss the strength of the Caravanning and Camping Industry in their respective countries and the importance of harnessing the driving power of influential markets while encouraging the growth of emerging markets.

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In this episode Adrian and Paul also discuss:

  • Change resistant park owners
  • Target market trends
  • Blended training
  • Industry unity
  • The power of political coalitions
  • The need for guests to feel safe while camping
  • Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo in November in Knoxville Tennessee
  • The importance of gathering intelligence directly from guests through channels such as symposiums and surveys


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ARVC Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo, Knoxville Tennessee

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Email Paul via Paul.Bambei@arvc.org

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