62. Mike Hill, Co-founder of Aircamp on the Timely Birth & Death of Start-ups, the Instant Generation & the Effects of Social Media Marketing

While safe players within the Start-Up Industry believe it’s best to focus energy on one start-up at a time, Mike Hill founder of multiple successful start-ups, believes timing should be the dictator behind grabbing hold of an opportunity and running with it. When Mike Hill hears someone complain about a service, or lack thereof, he would never dream of tuning out. Instead he probes for more information, he loves hearing people complain. While this might seem a little strange, when this tactic is executed by an individual with great analytical skills, a marketing background and a savvy business sense, it can only really lead to one solution, a start-up business.

Each Monday, join Adrian Easdown as he has enlightening chats with successful people in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry around Australia. If you’re involved in any way with caravanning, operating a service-based enterprise or managing any sort of hospitality-based business, this podcast is perfect for you.

Also in this episode, Adrian and Mike chat about:

  • Knowing when to kill a start-up
  • How to know which ideas to progress
  • The Instant Generation
  • Aircamp
  • Claiming your listing with Aircamp
  • Capitalising on Aircamp’s 100k a month user base
  • The effects of Social Media on the Caravan and Camping Industry
  • Growing up in Bahrain
  • The must do ‘Lap around Australia’
  • The benefits of group travel
  • Addressing the ever-changing needs of travellers
  • Digital Nomads