104. Revisiting: Dealing with Industry Disruption, Risk Appetite & Being Your Authentic Self with Steven Wright 

104. Revisiting: Dealing with Industry Disruption, Risk Appetite & Being Your Authentic Self 

While it’s possible to set out the path we would like our lives to take, if there is one thing that is certain, life has a tendency to throw out curve-balls when we least expect it. This has been highlighted for every person, in almost every country across the world. We have been served a curve-ball of unprecedented proportions, one that is impacting us on a global scale.  We are facing an industry disruption unlike anything we have witnessed in our lifetimes. 

On this week’s episode of the ‘That Bad Review’ podcast series, we revisit Adrian’s chat with Steven Wright, the CEO of BIG4 Holiday Parks, focused on dealing with industry disruption.  Steven shares his views around the best way to tackle unexpected situations, urging listeners to consider possible scenarios the circumstances present. Being adaptable and flexible during such times, Steven explains, will often open up a world of possibilities.  

Over the next few Mondays, join Adrian Easdown as revisits episodes that highlight important information gathered from inspirational leaders. The episodes have been selected in hope of helping business owners navigate the uncertain times we are all facing.

In this episode, Steven and Adrian also discuss: 

  • Steven’s extensive career and his high-profile roles in organisations such as the Richmond Football Club, The Grand Prix, the Brisbane Lions Football Club, Tourism & Events Queensland and one of his most enjoyable roles as a stay at home Dad.
  • The effects of population density and changing demographics
  • The need for competitors to work together for the benefit of the industry
  • Building consumer confidence
  • The marketing benefits of mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Review Pro and Global Review Index (GRI) scores
  • Dynamic pricing and revenue management
  • Data collection and offering tailor made experiences



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