How to Use Feedback & Technology to Navigate Future Business Problems

We’re in a golden age of innovation, and 21st Century technology is quickly becoming the focal point for many of us within the hospitality industry. It has the potential to reshape the way we conduct our daily operations and interact with our guests.

On a recent episode of That Bad Review, I had a chat with Peter Buttigieg, the CEO and founder of RMS. RMS is the global trailblazer in property management software using Cloud based systems. Over the last 35 years they have introduced computerised systems to revolutionise the way we work as an industry – but getting people on board hasn’t always been easy.

Technological advances have meant that the public’s needs and expectations have also changed. Not keeping up as a business could be a huge draw back – so bringing your systems into the modern age should absolutely be on your agenda.

Address and Embrace Technological Changes

One of Peter’s pet peeves is that the industry isn’t keeping up with technology. Nowadays, “you can get onto a plane without actually getting a piece of paper in your hand from start to finish, that’s where the accommodation industry needs to get to.” Registration processes are often slow, as guest’s data is typed in manually. In many cases, even if the customer has visited before, their information hasn’t been stored within systems, something that could easily be remedied.

Look to invest in time saving tech alternatives, such as self-service check-in kiosks, Cloud based databases and mobile phone and internet operated systems. The less time spent on admin, the more time you have interacting with guests, which in my view is a great thing.

Get The Feedback You Need

I’m all about feedback, whether good or bad. It’s the best tool you can have if you want your business to improve. “Customers will tell you what they want,” Peter says. He’s a man who avoids articles and papers on the hottest new technology trends – he would rather spend his time more wisely, and specifically looks to his customers and staff to guide him.  

It takes away the guesswork and gives you the ability to implement changes that truly benefit all parties.

Once you have the feedback you need you can look at implementing change, this will enable you to refine your new systems to a point where they work effectively at a ground level.

Recognise The Bigger Challenges Ahead

The biggest challenges that we’re facing within accommodation technology is competing with companies such as Airbnb. These guys are moving towards using machine learning and artificial intelligence which is a significant game changer. Peter knows that this is where traditional accommodation provision needs to get smarter.

As big corporations such as Google are also entering the hospitality space, it would be wise to stay alert to the ways bigger organisations are operating, and how you can mirror these advances within your own business. Keep relevant, keep growing and look to stay ahead of the game.

There are big things on the horizon in how our industry will operate moving forward. Our businesses should look to incorporate the novel and relevant technology that the public now requires, as part of our everyday.

To hear the full conversation with Peter click here.