Finding Business Success In Unique Places

Everything is unique about Paronella Park. If you ask anyone who has visited the park I think they would all agree it’s an exceptional little gem. A haven of trees, castles, fountains and lots of hidden surprises, it’s truly a wonder. Thanks to the current owners Mark and Judy Evans, the park had gone from near dilapidation to award-winning success story.

In a recent episode of That Bad Review, I spoke with Mark and Judy about how they managed to lift this historical site from adversity to a success story.

Tell Your Story

Everything about Paronella Park is beautiful, but knowing the backstory of this luscious park, just adds to its magnificence. It starts with a bright-eyed Catalonian by the name of José Paronella, who went from Spanish immigrant to Australian legend. Whilst there is a catalogue of trials and successes in between, the chapter I really want to skip forward to is about Mark and Judy Evans. Mark and Judy understand the power of Paronella’s story. Within a few weeks of their arrival at the property in 1993, they had the good fortune of meeting with Teresa Paronella, José Paronella’s daughter. She regaled them with tales of the park, shedding some light on the history of the place. That encounter was a crucial turning point for them, it wasn’t just a physical place anymore it had meaning, it had life.

Stories and experiences are so important in the market today, and by conveying your own narrative to your customers, you give them an extra insight into the depth of your business.

Focus On Great Customer Care

It’s the experience that makes Paronella a success, such as a friendly greeting upon entry, complimentary umbrellas on a rainy day, bottles of water when it’s hot, attentive staff that go out of their way to make your day better. Nothing is too much trouble, and this is a business model that should be at the core of every business. “The key to our success and the number one is our guest.” Mark and Judy are incredibly attentive to the smaller details and are always looking at how they can create an experience that is second to none for their guests.

Once you make your patrons and guests feel cared for, you will get loyalty and reputation like no other.

Use feedback To Improve Your Business

Reviews are the tell-tale signs of a good business. Whilst Mark loves to get raving reviews across the board, he also relishes when someone pipes up with a negative comment. He sees it as an opportunity to hone in and make improvements. Mark shares with me an example of a guest commenting that his cup of coffee was cold, to which he instantly refunded her and apologised. Taking immediate action quashed the possibility of a negative review and customer experience. As a direct result of this interaction, Mark implemented steps to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

By listening to your customer’s positive and negative experiences, you can act upon them accordingly in a quick and efficient manner that shows your guests that you hear them and that you care.

There’s so much to the Paronella Park story, and Mark and Judy’s part in it is one chapter that will help ensure a successful future.

Listen to our entire conversation here.