Revisiting: Embracing Technology, Using Feedback to Implement Change & Recognising Challenges - with Peter Buttigieg (Ep.52)

105. Revisiting: Embracing Technology, Using Feedback to Implement Change & Recognising Challenges (Ep.52)

Peter Buttigieg is the CEO and Founder of RMS, a global Cloud Software Company that specialises in software solutions. With 35+ years’ experience, Peter has witnessed the rapid transition into the digital age and countless technological changes. Throughout his career, Peter’s main role has been introducing such advancements to the public and encouraging involvement.

Business owners across the globe are searching for new and innovative ways to adapt to rapid periods of change. There are new exciting technological changes on the horizon within every industry, especially within the hospitality industry. From customer check-in kiosks to revolutionary data input systems, we’re heading full pelt into the 21st Century. Business owners within the hospitality industry are embracing technology and understanding the importance of having an online presence.

In this week’s episode of ‘That Bad Review’ podcast series, Peter and Adrian dive into the trials and tribulations of being at the forefront of a tech revolution. They discuss the challenges hospitality is facing when it comes to technology, how technology is simplifying how we do business, and what we as an industry can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Over the next few Mondays, join Adrian Easdown as revisits episodes that highlight important information gathered from inspirational leaders. The episodes have been selected in hope of helping business owners navigate the uncertain times we are all facing.

Adrian and Peter also discuss:

  • How Peter got into the software engineering space
  • What PCs used to be like, and how they’re more valuable now than ever
  • Educating others on how to adapt to change
  • How the internet revolutionised the world
  • The challenges Peter has faced within the industry
  • Foreseeing the future to avoid catastrophe
  • The new 5G wave and the mobility of technology
  • The unexpected breakdown at RMS
  • Implementing feedback
  • The changing tech expectations of guests
  • Persistence as the key to success


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