5. Cath Bellchambers on Empowering Your Staff and How to Identify Gaps in the Market

This week’s episode of That Bad Review is all about the human element. From training practices to empowerment to how to approach guests and, ultimately, to life philosophy, this episode covers a lot of ground. My guest is Cath Bellchambers – hospitality trainer and motivational performance coach.

Cath is an absolute burst of energy. She’s a pleasure to speak with and shares with me a good deal of practical wisdom that can be applied to your business. Today’s episode explains top tips on training, why Cath is so bullish on caravan parks as a whole and more than a few actionable anecdotes.

Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus things like:

  • Cath’s professional journey
  • How to handle the fear of losing good employees
  • The incredible power of the right ethos
  • How to make staff feel rewarded in their roles
  • The power of referrals
  • How to make employees part of the product
  • Ways to help people grow, learn and evolve in their jobs
  • The fallacy in ‘leave your problems at the gate’
  • Why it’s important to let employees make their own decisions
  • How Cath thinks about guest feedback
  • How caravan parks can compete in a price-based industry
  • The importance of ‘realness’ in social media
  • Cath’s industry pet peeves
  • Why you need to be clear on what you’re selling