1. How to Avoid Burnout, Build the Perfect Team and Walk in the Shoes of Your Customers with Belinda Thomas

If you’re an entrepreneur working in the accommodation industry, and you’re looking for ways to relax and avoid burnout, then you’ll definitely want to check out this episode of That Bad Review.

Today, I’m speaking with Belinda Thomas – the award-winning founder and owner of Hire Me Holiday Parks, and park manager extraordinaire. Here, Belinda shares her story, her top tips on how to deal with and respond to bad reviews, and advice on what you can do to avoid burnout.

Listen to the show to gain unique and invaluable marketing tips, and insights into better understanding your customers. Plus, Belinda and I get into all of this, too:  

  • How to involve your team in developing core values and help drive them towards ownership and high performance
  • Finding the right personnel in the accommodation industry  
  • Why you can teach skills to anyone, and finding the right person to fit a specific role
  • Planning recruitment needs – how to avoid the most common mistakes that park managers often make
  • The importance of walking in your customers’ shoes, and how you can do it
  • Why Belinda recommends jumping in a caravan and heading out to see Australia (even if you don’t think it’s the trip for you)
  • How to make a #1 first impression with your guests, and why it’s so important
  • Belinda’s top tips on dealing with and responding to bad reviews
  • How to treat negative feedback in a way that’s healthy and positive for your business


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