55. Fancy Life as a Full-Time Traveller? Pro Podcasters Amy and Nick Share What It’s Really Like

Living life as a full-time traveller is dream of many. But does the reality live up to the expectation? Well, like a lot of things in life, the answer turns out to be yes and no.

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In this fun episode, hosts of the popular travel podcast, What The Pho, married couple Amy and Nick, share their journey to becoming full-time travellers, and what led them to give up comfortable middle-class lives for life on their own terms.

Amy and Nick share their trials and tribulations, as well as the great joys and lessons learned from life on the road. Oh, and by the way, if you’re not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, Pho is a very popular style of noodle soup.

Here’s a taste of what else we discover:

  • Amy and Nick’s journey from ‘regular’ life to life on the road
  • Living life with no regrets
  • Breaking out of regular routines and living on your own terms
  • Reflections on three years on the road
  • What you can learn immersing yourself in local cultures
  • The biggest challenges
  • How they learned not to stress over the small stuff, or even the big stuff
  • The art of being appreciative and contented
  • Dealing with feeling down on the road and off
  • Some of Amy and Nick’s top travel tales (and some dubious couchsurfing experiences)



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