4 Key Benefits of Being a Holiday Park Manager

There are many factors that go into the decisions people make about what job to do or which direction to take their career. Money is obviously a primary driver but there are quite a few other factors that go into the decision-making process as well.

Research has shown that a higher salary increases happiness significantly if you weren’t previously able to cover the basics. However, beyond a certain point, more money does not move the needle at all. People who know this tend to focus on a wider range of factors than just how many zeros are in their paycheck.

One such person is 25-year resort management veteran, and recent That Bad Review Podcast guest, Debra Murnane. Debra got into the industry after a chat with some friends which left her thinking ‘those people seem to be having a comfortable and good life’. Debra continues ‘working in the resort industry can work out really well for people with kids and in terms of work-life balance, that’s what drew us in.’ Working in a holiday park or resort can bring with it numerous quality of life perks, and if approached correctly, it can be quite lucrative as well.

Below we’ve listed out some of the key benefits of working in holiday parks or resorts. These can apply to management and staff alike.

Low stress

Stress is relative to the individual, and during busy seasons working in a park can be quite hectic, but generally, this is a positive check mark. Also dealing with unhappy guests does entail a degree of stress but again compared to living in a city, commuting to work, and doing an average 9-to-5 white collar job, this line of work can be blissfully relaxing.

Great for families

If you’ve got kids, working in the holiday industry can be an enormous benefit to them. You provide a safe, stimulating and fun environment to grow up in and there are many ways in which working in this way lightens the load of parenting (particularly if you live onsite).

Social atmosphere

For those with an outgoing personality working in this industry is a perfect match that affords constant opportunities to interact with people. Even for the friendly introvert, this can be a bonus as well. People are generally in a good mood on holiday and looking to kick back, so having a chat with guests is a big perk for many.

Travel opportunities

By being part of the industry you will be afforded quite a few more travel chances than the civilian. If you’re part of a corporate set up there may be predefined travel bonuses or if you’re part of a mom and pop shop, you’ll get tied into a network that tends to treat its own well.

A career in holiday or resort park management isn’t for everyone, but for people with certain values and desires, it can be the perfect fit.

Listen to my entire conversation with Debra here.