4 Easy ways to Implement SEO Tips for Your Website

4 Easy ways to Implement SEO Tips for Your Website

Getting your business online is the best first step you can take to staying ahead of the competition. I outlined a few ways to do this in a previous article, but I want to expand on that information by going deeper into your company’s website – specifically search engine optimisation, usually talked about as SEO.

SEO is one of the most crucial factors in setting up a website, if not the most important thing. Making sure that your website can be found by search engines is pretty much what makes up about 90% of the information you put on your website. But what’s important and how do you know what’s important? The exact details in the algorithms that search engines like Google use are a mystery, though there is enough information available to give some indication about what should be covered at the very least.

Research your Keywords!

Keywords are the words you want your business to be searched for online. For accommodation businesses, you would come up with ‘accommodation’, ‘hotel’ and ‘caravan’ as a few examples. Except those keywords will be the same ones that tons of websites will be wanting to rank for, and each website that has these keywords will be in competition with you. Your best bet is to investigate online tools like SEMrush that can help you get the best keywords with little competition. Alternatively, you can spend the money to get a specialised SEO expert to help you.

Mobile-Ready Design

In October, 2016 mobile devices overtook desktop computers for the most Internet traffic, with 51.3% of all web visits. Google knows this and wants all websites to be mobile ready by 2018. This is an essential factor in optimising your site for search engines. Making sure that your website is mobile capable is an essential factor when deciding on a web designer or if you are doing it yourself on a web building platform like WordPress.

Don’t Overuse Keywords

I mentioned above about keywords, and making sure you have well thought-out ones is essential. But don’t load up a list of words on your site and expect a great result. THIS IS A VERY BAD IDEA! This is likely going to get you penalised. Search engines want to send users to the most relevant sites, and they have built-in algorithms to ensure the sites they find have good relevant content, and that means average time spent on a site.  If you just have lists of words then people will jump off right away, and this tells search engines that your site isn’t very good.

Create Internal Links

Creating internal links on your site is a good SEO tactic and creates a pleasant experience for your visitors. Having multiple links from one page to another outside of the menu options on your page also helps the search engines find the best way to move around your site and it tells them you are providing a good experience for your visitors.

Don’t forget, your industry is a competitive one, and it can often be the slightest edge that sends you and your business to the front of the pack. Utilising the power of SEO is one of the most effective ways of promoting your website’s visibility, and it could ultimately be the difference between your business surviving and thriving.