3 Guaranteed Ways to Build Client Trust in Your Service

Working in the holiday industry, your business hinges on your ability to build trust with clients. People that are willing to hand over their hard-earned cash and their precious time to you on their vacations need to know that you will deliver them a worthwhile investment. It’s all well and good for your business to look like it does in the pictures on your Facebook page, but clients are looking for much more than just that on their holiday – they are also looking for a top-quality level of service.

So, how do you build trust with a client that you are going to deliver on that service?

Remember Their Name & Interact

One of the easiest ways to build trust with a client and make them feel like they are important to your business is simple… remember their name. Now, I know that if your business is anything like mine, that means remembering thousands of names, but it’s not that hard to do for either yourself or your staff, and if you can’t remember specifics – fake it. If a client is interacting with your reception then encourage your staff to use the client’s name at least once in the interaction by looking at their booking records. I print out a list of guest names and their registration each morning, so I know who is arriving and make a point of heading out to greet them (time permitting of course). If you need to fake it, you’re in luck living in Australia, as you can always use the name that is friendly the nation over – mate!

Offer to Help Them out on Arrival

We always make sure that we have a spare member of staff in reception for our arrivals so that we can either jump in their car with them and take them to their site, or walk along beside the car while they find their spot. We tend to get many retirees in our park, with giant caravan in tow, so I always make it a point of being available for them should they need me to manoeuvre their rig into their parking area. Doing small things demonstrates a fantastic level of service and creates a great-welcoming culture to your business that will get your guests’ holidays off to the right start. Most guests will be arriving in an unfamiliar location, so making them feel welcome is always a winning formula.

It’s All About the Kids & Pets

Just like remembering your paying guests’ names creates a great trust in your service, making the point of knowing and remembering their kid and pet names can go a long way to creating a phenomenal bond with clients.  Kids especially are often overlooked in the checking-in process and during the stay, so making a point of waving or engaging with them can really generate a family-friendly environment.

Taking the time to interact with your clients on a personal level can go a long way in building trust in your service and your business. Why not implement some of these strategies today, and see the amazing impacts it has on your business?